Are you so busy DOING that you aren’t truly LIVING?

Kate Kahl Kinesiologist Reiki Practitioner

Hey there! I’m Kate Kahl.

I help you clear away all that stuff that is getting in between you and your ideal self + life.

I don’t necessarily mean the kind of stuff that is in the back of your closet that you never actually use (although I’m a huge advocate for decluttering, minimalism and intentional living!).
Instead, I mean the stuff that is deeply engrained in your mind, heart and body. Your energetic self.

Do you regularly feel frustrated, overwhelmed and anxious?


Do you find yourself asking why what you have right now doesn’t seem to be enough?


Why the attractive salary, busy social life, devoted partner, international travels, delicious meals, yoga classes, beautiful surroundings, green juices, luxurious cars and “all the things” aren’t really enough?


Imagine how it would feel to express who you truly are without fear of judgment or alienation.


To have the freedom and confidence to effortlessly illuminate and indulge in your gifts, talents and passions without fear of criticism or rejection.


To easily create a life you deeply love which excites you, invigorates you and inspires you on a daily basis.

To be able to truly understand the meaning of “the sky is the limit”. 


Working with me, you will:


  •   Be reconnected with your intuition – your internal guidance system so you can easily decipher what’s right for you in any given moment

  •   Have clarity over who you are and your deepest values so you can create a life built around these crucial pillars

  •   Feel more calm, grounded and joyful 

  •  Effortlessly clear the blocks that are standing in your way to how you want to feel and what you want to achieve

  • Feel confident and at ease being your authentic self

  •  Be empowered to move forward and create a life you love 

Having been through this journey myself, and having since learnt the powerful modalities that helped me get there, I can support you along the same path. 

Here’s what some of my clients have said about our sessions together:

“Kate has been a huge part of helping me move forward in personal life and business and I am truly inspired by her work. Having an alternate therapy available here in a regional community is essential and a benefit to everyone who is willing to try it. I will be including Kate’s services regularly as a part of my self care and I cannot recommend her highly enough!”

“Kinesiology has helped me to deal with issues that I had been trying to deal with for years. Due to past traumas I experienced anxiety attacks frequently and became overwhelmed easily, I’ve had 2 appointments with Kate so far and have already noticed some huge changes in the way I deal with things and have not felt overwhelmed since before my last appointment. I highly recommend anyone considering kinesiology to make an appointment!”


“I was a bit sceptical about Kinesiology but Kate’s enthusiasm and passion swayed me into giving it a go. I’m so glad I did! I still can’t rationalise how the whole thing works but in my two sessions with Kate I’ve not only gained a greater understanding of my own fears and emotions but I feel like a weight has been lifted. I now have more energy and greater clarity around my goals.”

Are you ready to make the changes necessary to experience a life of deep fulfilment, contentment and joy?  

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